Most of these images are taken in Costa Rica from the region in the red circle. That’s the south end of the Nicoya Peninsula in the Puntarenas Providence (which covers most of the Pacific Coast from that location to the south end of the country. If you are not sure where Costa Rica is, you can see the green section in Central America on the map of the Americas.

If you look at the scale, the widest distance across (in the circled area) is less than 30 miles across (or much less) and most of the photos on this site are from below that point (a few photos are on the ferry ride from Puntarenas to Paquera or near Paquera).

Hi, I’m Gary LaPointe and I love Costa Rica, especially the Montezuma area. I’ve got lots of photos from the southern Nicoya Peninsula so I thought I’d put them on this site. I’ll try to post them a few times a week and hopefully you’ll comment on some of them!

If you want to use any of these photos, read this:

  • If it’s just for your personal blog for some reason just go ahead a put a copy on your blog with a link back to which of my pages where you got it. I also have higher resolution photos if you want them for a personal blog background or something similar. Just use it and put a link in my comments so I can come visit your site.
  • If you want to build a theme around it or something contact me and let me know if you’re selling it or giving it away.
  • If it’s for a business, for example a tour company or hotel in the area, contact me and we can probably work out some trade.
  • Of course the photos are for sale too! For other sites and anything else, please contact me and let me know how you wish to use them. I have much higher resolution versions for print (and many more photos).

You don’t have to scroll down to the arrows, you can just click on the left and right sides of the image.
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Above map image taken from Wikipedia (location on globe, Costa Rica map and Nicoya Peninsula NASA).

By: Gary

Jan 17 2009


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