These trees are very common in Costa Rica. The winding branches with the vines all over them. I think they are kind of creepy looking, at night, they’re kind of scary looking. While this may look very bright, it’s kind of dim out. This is a thirteen second exposure photo, if you look close you can see a few of the vines are blurred since they were swaying in the wind.

This was taken from the balcony at the hotel I was staying at, the brightest part of this is lit from the light out front. There isn’t much behind the tree since it’s facing the empty grounds that surround the local church.

If you’re not into photography, 13 seconds is a really long time; normal flash photography is 1/60th of a second (this is 700 times longer than that!) and on a bright sunny day your camera might be shooting at 1/1000th of a second.

By: Gary

Oct 31 2012

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Category: Nature

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