This might be the largest iguana that I’ve seen in Costa Rica, if I’m wrong it’s certainly the largest I’ve seen up close.

This was right at the bottom of the big waterfalls in Montezuma. It was packed with people that day and he didn’t mind a bit. I’ve got video of the iguana eating after he climbs into those bushes.

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  1. Great photo! The iguana was there just for your picture! Like 2 months a go appeared a huge iguana in my house and it was very funny and scary at the same time since I heard my dog barking and thought there was a small cat and it surely was a huge shock for me when I saw it and got scared.. In the property where my house is located, we have seen snakes, squirrels, bears, etc once even a small deer, like Bambi… but the day I saw the huge iguana, had the feeling my house was “the jurassic park”, haha =D

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