A long time exposure of the moon over the back of some of the stores in Montezuma.  I then hit the automatic enhance button in iPhoto (I usually don’t do that for these). Taken with my Canon sd780is.

3 Responses to “Night time over the shops.”

  1. Great picture, congrats!!!! = )

  2. Hey Gary:
    Love your photos….
    We have rented a house in Cabuya for Feb 2014 for a month…
    Trying to decide if we need a car…can get one for about $400 a month
    We were just going to rent bicycles..kayaks..and maybe an ATV or a day or two.
    Should we fly into an airport on the Nicoya Peninsula from San Josej…we have done that drive 2 times before and would just like to get there.
    Thanks for any reply!
    Pura Vida!!

  3. Thank you!

    The times for the smaller flights don’t always work out very well for me (at least whenever I’ve checked). I usually have to wait until the next day anyways and catching a bus shuttle at 7am usually gets me there about the same time as an 11am flight would for less money and hassle (shuttle is hotel to hotel). They smaller flights have some luggage restrictions too (smaller/weight) so check into that. Plus, with the shuttle, I get to take the ferry ride which is always a fun ride!

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