This is the Pacific Ocean south of Montezuma (a few kilometers at most), the beach is pretty rocky here in places, this is mostly looking north (or north-east). It’s a little distorted because it’s not a normal photo.

I love walking around this area because you can walk on many of the big rocks (lava?) and the ocean is all around you. But the waves are a bit rougher here so it’s a little hard to go swimming.

This is actually a flattened version of an 360° (720$deg;?) interactive panorama (a PhotoSynth) that I thought looked pretty interesting. There are probably 20-30 photos that make up this image. You can see the actual photosynth here, it’s not one of my best photosynths, the waves kept changing the landscape and didn’t want to fit everything together.

This was taken with the PhotoSynth app on my iPhone 4s.

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